Integral design

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Integral design aspires for design that springs from the wholeness of being, design that embodies truth, goodness and beauty and design that expresses delight of being. It is a journey into the heart of delight.

Nature is abundantly creative.

All forms created by Nature are integral designs. This means their creation, sustenance and dissolution happen in harmony with the whole and its evolutionary unfolding.

Manmade forms are increasingly causing pollution and disharmony in our ecology, psychology and sociology. This is because most manmade forms are not integral designs. Their creation, sustenance and dissolution are not done in harmony with the whole and its evolutionary unfolding.

Movements of Nature are integral. This means parts move in harmony with the whole, everything is integrally interconnected. Man is an integral part of Nature but free to overrule her harmonies and introduce his own ‘improvisations’. However, his improvisations have caused more discords than harmonies because his knowledge of Nature and himself is imperfect.

To restore the harmony of Nature first of all man must know his own nature and discover the inmost origins of his creative impulse. It is from that source the harmonious creative movements of the whole emerge of which he is a part. When his actions become an expression of the movement of the whole flowering from the inmost depths where he is one with Nature, the resultant forms will increasingly express spontaneous harmonies that are the signs of integral design. Such actions and designs will bring increasing ecological, psychological and sociological harmony in tune with the evolution of the whole.

In short, integral designs will have the following qualities in their creation, sustenance and dissolution cycle.

  1. Psychological harmony
  2. Ecological harmony
  3. Sociological harmony and
  4. Alignment with evolution.