Integral Yoga

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Ok, so you want wings!
Well, actually you have them, the wings of flame veiled deep within you; the challenge is to unfold them, to bring them forward and take off into the vast blue where the sun shines.

This is accomplished by a triple movement:

  1. Aspiration
  2. Rejection
  3. Surrender


You are like a seed; there is something in you that has the potential to make you into a tree in full bloom. But the seed requires nourishment from earth and the light from above to wake up and start unfolding its self-creative journey towards the sun. This hidden potential is there in you like a veiled flame and we call it aspiration. It remains dormant but can awaken and break the shell when the shower of grace is upon you. When you look inside and feel that there is something missing in your life but you do not know what it is – know that you are on the edge. If you have the courage follow that call, pay attention to it and you will see that the universe conspires to bring you in touch with what is required for your awakening and growth. You can almost sense an unseen hand guiding your destiny and even if your mind remains clueless you can feel a growing sense of certitude somewhere deep within you. That is the glimpse.

Remember, this flame always seeks the true, good and the beautiful and has spontaneous gratitude, joy and purity. The more you find these qualities growing in your acts, speech and thought, the closer you are getting to the creative flame.


Well, when you set a goal for yourself it becomes clear that all that distracts you from your goal should be rejected and you have to steadfastly  hold on to your goal. Movements of Nature are twofold - higher and lower. We have emerged in evolution from the apparent sleep of matter and the gravity of its pull and our animal past is hardwired into our very substance. On the other hand, there is a higher movement that wants to break free from the grip of gravity and animal instincts into a greater freedom and delight. So we have to pay attention to all that pulls us down, all that makes us dull and mechanical and reject it persistently. At the same time find out what brings us joy, an inner sense of harmony, gratitude, clarity and freedom. Follow those movements and reject everything else. This takes away a lot of baggage; the less luggage you have, the better it is for the flight you aspire for.


There is a point in your growth where you have to let go of all your fears and jump off the cliff into the nothingness; trusting the winds and discovering the joy of flying amidst the sunlit luminous white clouds. Don’t struggle or beat your wings, just spread them wide and glide on the winds with the sun above and the earth below. Trust the winds, trust the universe, and let it take you to a new world you have never imagined.

Tip: Leap before your think – remember, the journey is beyond the linear crawl of thought.