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Janaki:  ‘House of Conscious Living’

A community of consumers, producers, designers and dreamers of an conscious lifestyle.


It is not just another chain store.

It is a space where the market ends

and life begins with a new purpose.

It is a place to come together,

merge and travel towards a greater joy.


Who is JANAKI?

Janaki has been name of our grand mother who stood in Indian family as wisdom tree. She cared and lived in a very conscious and sustaining way. She is harmony personified. It is our invocation to “Janaki” to bring a message of sustainable lifestyle to the world.

Objective of JANAKI

“House of conscious Living” is an exhibition, a communication and an interaction. Janaki is a search towards Sustainable living - as a shopping experience, paving a path for the future.


Visit our WEBSITE for more information.