Know thyself

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Integral design begins with oneself - by discovering one's own true nature which is one with all that is.

According to modern science, the universe is physically an indivisible whole, there are no boundaries; what appear to be boundaries and separate forms are our sensory illusions. The objective world is a single space-time continuum.

According to spiritual masters, our sense of separate subjective self is an illusion, reality is one indivisible whole, and the self is one with all that is, in other words, there is only one self, the Supreme Self that dwells in all.

This implies that we are not separate from the world and we can change the world by changing ourselves! It takes away the pleasure of blaming someone out there who is the bad guy, causing all the problems in the world, instead one has to discover the inconvenient truth of one’s own ignorance and limitations that makes that world what it is. This may be a bitter pill to swallow but medicines are often bitter. The responsibility falls back upon us and the inward journey begins to discover the fire of transformation burning within ourselves. Once you get the clue it becomes simple, and you may wonder why you wasted years of your life barking at the wrong dude.

So, let us get a mirror first and face ourselves.

Discovering oneself is the first step towards the emergence of integral design.

Every individual carries within himself, like a seed, a unique creative potential which one may or may not discover and bring to fruition. Missing it is to miss one’s purpose of life, resulting in inner disharmony that eventually becomes outer disharmony in the manmade world. There is a creative self hidden in everyone, which has to be brought forward, a self that always aspire for truth, goodness and beauty in all that it expresses, a self that is one with all that is. But it is veiled by many layers of our conditionings and we have to remove these veils one by one to arrive at the luminous core of our being – the creative flame. That is the springboard, which can propel you to vistas that are beyond all that you have known and you discover who you truly are and your unique creative purpose in this world. It is only when you base your actions on this creative impulse emerging from deep within that your actions begin to reveal the fragrance of integral design and resultant harmony inwardly and outwardly.

We call the process by which we discover our inmost potential the ‘integral yoga’.