Our Family

The core members are the stewards of Upasana. Collectively they chart out the course for the design studio – strategizing, connecting up with people and groups and initiating and sustaining projects. Our core members are our storehouse of information at Upasana and they are the caretakers of various projects as well as the campus.

Kalai >

Marketing and Shop In-charge

Supriya >

Fashion Designer and Volunteer Coordinator

Madhumita >

Communication and E-commerce

Upasana website layout- Our Team page- Alli

Alli >

Sampling Incharge

Meena >

Stockroom Manager

Dinesh >

Production Manager

Geeta >


Julie >

Marketing & Upcycling

Rama >

Purchase & Reception

Shubha >

Manager at Janaki

Amudha >

Sampling Incharge

The Upasana family is of over 40 people that includes staff members from neighbouring villages, Aurovillians, design professionals,volunteers and student interns from all around the country and the world. Upasana offers a collective space for learning and creative expression in every sense. The exchange of ideas, cultures and skills is the essence of our existence and growth. We also work with teams outside the campus that help us in production activities, especially groups of enthusiastic women who we mobilized through projects like ‘Tsunamika’ and ‘Small Steps’.