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From organic food, to organic clothes, from recycling to preserving, more and more people are being conscious that we need to act to save our environment, but it isn't just the environment that needs to be saved, its also our resources, which include our heritage, our culture, our know-how that has been established through centuries of humanity evolving in balance with nature.  To preserve isn't the question any more, but rather how to ensure a large enough movement in our society so as to make this action sustainable, for it is pointless if it affects a minority.  So what are you ready to do?


Upasana launched Paruthi: India's local organic brand to support India’s organic farming community. The project lends a dimension of organic advocacy to the Indian context. If India and China adopt an organic approach in clothing and food, we can move towards a sustainable future. Upasana employs her actions and efforts in this direction and invites all to hold hands in this task. 

VISION: Paruthi is a business collaborative striving to protect and promote the fragile cotton communities of Tamil Nadu and create a sustainable textile at large.

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