Spiritual Evolution

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There is an evolutionary vision and context to our work, based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Ever since Darwin, the idea of evolution of life forms on earth has become a fascinating field of research but no one knows where the evolution is heading or what exactly is the evolutionary cause that creates flowers, or through man, rockets or the Internet.
Out of apparent nothingness Nature has brought out matter and out of matter the living matter of life forms and out of life forms the thinking self-aware matter that is man who is troubled by his own creative impulse. In man the Force that has created the universe has become self-aware but remains ignorant of its own source and future drift. As a species, we have tremendous creativity that has become self-destructive like a child playing with fire burning down his own house.
The cancerous voracity with which mankind is eating up natural resources and destroying the planet is a result of our limited mental range of consciousness and it is futile to expect that we can solve the problems created by the mind by remaining in its grooves of thought. With the explosion of information technologies it has become increasingly clear that the human mind with its linear crawl cannot comprehend the immense complexity of what is happening upon earth.
According to Sri Aurobindo, mankind is in the midst of an evolutionary crisis in which is hidden its destiny. The mind of man is not the last summit of evolution and Nature is preparing behind the apparent veil of crisis and destruction the birth of a higher faculty and resultant evolutionary leap. Out of apes man has come and out of man something else is ready to emerge endowed with faculties of cognition and action beyond the comprehension of the mind and man. The mind and its linear mode of knowing and being will be superseded by another way of knowing and being that is not linear and fragmented but is one with the movement of the whole. Sri Aurobindo calls it Supermind and the crisis upon earth is a veiled drama of its manifestation - the worm in its cocoon is dissolving into a soup and transforming itself into a butterfly.
We are amidst the chaos of the breakdown of all our systems, but behind this destruction there is something else that is slowly emerging and a transition into this new mode of being is the adventure that is upon us and we call this journey integral yoga.

Remember, this is an adventure without a return ticket.
And of course there is no money-back guarantee!
It is for those who know that they have wings.
Check yourself, you never know!