Tranquebar : Land of the Singing Waves

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Tranquebar: Land of the Singing Waves is a project striving to restore beauty and charm to a quiet coastal town and its people. We are working in close partnership with Bestseller Fund, INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), and Saint Joseph Development Trust.

Nestled in the Coromandel coast 150km south of Pondicherry, Tranquebar lay untouched after the English left India, content to reminisce in memories of its vibrant past: Danish dignitaries, Muslim traders, German theologians, Moravian entrepreneurs, and sea merchants from all corners of the globe—each of whom left an important mark on the local way of life. But nothing marked the town as much as the 2004 Tsunami, which tore apart its glorious architecture, watered-down its deep-seeded memories, and drowned the hopes of its inhabitants.

Upasana hopes to transform Tranquebar into a cultural tourism destination by highlighting its beautiful heritage. Through training and marketing, we are engaging the local population, enhancing their skills in craft (the prevalent medium of their livelihood), and bringing them into contact with visitors eager to buy their wares. In this way, the people can improve their livelihoods and feel proud of Tranquebar once again.

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