Intern / Volunteer with Us

Upasana welcomes student interns and volunteers throughout the year…

Students can spend from one to six months at Upasana as part of their studies. Most students who come are primarily from design schools but we also receive students from other academic backgrounds like management, social and environmental studies, etc.

What to expect from Upasana

The team of designers and contributors at Upasana is an experienced one. Students can benefit the most by interacting with various designers and professionals and learn firsthand what it takes to design in the present day context. Students get exposure to the numerous types of design projects. In the R&D

lab, we have state of the art machines and the latest technology to help in creative explorations. The most treasured part of the campus is the “Textile Archive”, where students get to look at and draw inspiration from handcrafted fabrics that have been sourced from all corners of India.

What to expect from Auroville

Upasana is within Auroville and it is a part and parcel of the community and lifestyle here. Auroville wants to be a place of unending education and a youth that never ages. Here students will have the opportunity to be introduced to living in harmony with one’s surroundings. It is also the perfect spot to reflect on modern civilization and our shortcomings, as Auroville is the place where everyone has gathered to try and work

on their limitations of ego, greed and distrust. If you are a student and are sincerely looking for exposure of all kinds to help you figure out where you want go in life, then this is the perfect place to do it. Here you will have interactions with races and ethnicity from across the globe and will get a first hand experience of revolutionary concepts such as a cashless economies and collective wealth.


If you are interested in an internship or volunteer work at Upasana, please contact Geeta, who takes care of all our interns and volunteers.

E-mail: [email protected]