An effort to let go the familiar one, a courage to embrace the unknown and the hunt for a new ‘you’. The beginning of the New Year marks a change that redefines you, which might take an entire year to achieve, but leaves an impact lasting for a lifetime. Fashion and clothing are a medium of expression of an individual’s personality and thinking. It reflects the confidence with which they carry their choices. However, in this era of environmental crisis, we, as consumers step forward to support number of causes. Unknowingly, we also tend to make purchase that is contributing directly or indirectly to the destruction of humankind and the resources. The more responsible we act the more ethical we become.

Where are the resources disappearing?

Fashion occupying a major part of our lifestyle has rapidly accelerated the production of garments and textiles in the recent years. In addition, from the raw material to the final product, it involves a number of processes and use of resources. This lifts it up to become the second largest polluting industry in the world. It also includes exploitation of humans by exposing them to unhealthy work conditions and long working hours. Consumers avoid using plastic bags and ensure unnecessary waste of water but buy items that have gone through various steps that destroy resources. They might unintentionally serve themselves as secondary exploiters. When people make an effort to know the background and the origin of our products and make fair choices before buying it, is where our consciousness as a consumer comes into action. Purchasing is not just an economic act but it also means making wise and smart choices. As a conscious citizen, we must keep away from buying products that are produced unethically and through unfair means.

Minimising consumption of resources by adopting a healthy change

The increasing awareness of ethical consumerism has led a number of major players in the fashion industry to swim against the flow of mass production and profit making goals. They have adopted practices that prove healthy for the ecosystem and humans. Young fashion influencers are helping in the generation of awareness regarding conscious fashion and have inspired a large crowd to go green and organic. Upasana appreciates the thought that before making a difference to the others, these influencers decided to make a difference within themselves by making a change to their policies and practices to stand up as a model to the world. These superheroes are not as we know them. They do not fly, they do not have wings, they have no muscles, but they can change the world with the little they do.

Upasana’s journey is for making a move towards a better world, away from ill treatment to humans, animals and the Earth. It ensures that it does not engage itself into serving the desires and choices of the consumers in a way that kills or mistreats the expectations of the force that fulfils them. It believes in initiating and gathering collective effort that can revive the lost charm of the planet.