Trashion is not just an art expression but a way of producing usefulness out of waste as a response to the prevailing environmental concerns.

Isn’t it amazing if an art expression made out of trash is designed to be a utilitarian? Is it not viable to employ trash to create something presentable and practical making it a commercial commodity for further applications? Does it mean that it is void to sell art and design together?

Fashion being the second largest polluter in the world generates huge amount of poison contaminating water and soil. Apart from this, the remaining major amount of pollution is the disregarded fabric cutouts and leftovers which we term as scraps. For a conscious or sustainable clothing brand that does not contribute in causing water and land pollution, fabric scraps can be one major backer creating trash if not taken into account. But how about the idea of incorporating trash into our usual business practices and introducing to the world something as useful as the garments not made out of trash? Does it become any less than art if we add utility to it? Or does it become any less than design just because it is made out of trash? Are we not allowed to sell a design with an art expression?

In our mindset, is it possible for us to accept and give something a definition if it is better and promising than what actually exists?

Our biggest concern is that plastic and inorganic fabric waste is non-biodegradable. The concept of upcycling has emerged to save the earth from contamination of waste. Trashion shows are one segment of upcycling in fashion industry that display garments made out of trash. Sometimes, leftover or cutouts of fabrics used to create a trashion garment make it fine enough that it qualifies to be worn by us just like other clothes. There is nothing wrong in creating garments as an art expression made out of waste but it is important to ensure that it solves the problem of waste management. If a design formed from waste goes into the dump after its purpose is done, it does not abide to the idea of what upcycle is. Upcycle is not just incorporation of waste into art but also into design and have some utility factor around it. Utility of an upcycled product adds to its life span and allows the product to remain into the circle of functionality as long as it can. This way, it replaces the need of production of materials that are non-biodegradable and keeps the already existing ones into usage such that it fulfills the need. As long as waste is utilized for further incorporation into products and has a functional value, there is nothing wrong in making it as a commercial commodity.