The Conscious Fashion Hub hosts its second event - The Conscious Fashion Festival, in collaboration with Upasana and shirting…. This 2-day event is dedicated to celebrating beauty beyond vanity, to promote clothing with a conscience, and to launch the Upasana edition of the shirting… project.

shirting… is a sustainable clothing model that emerged in Slovenia four years ago. The project’s product base is a shirt that circulates among users - instead of ownership; project’s forefront is a sharing model and collaboration between designers and communities. This develops a sense of responsibility for the use of resources and reminds us about our social and environmental responsibilities. This project was founded by Elena Fajt who is a professor of fashion design at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

shirting… is not only about wearing a shirt. It is a process that creates an opportunity for a different type of community - a community that rethinks and revalues the accepted fashion norms and creates relationships outside of the logic of consumerism. shirting… has become an open community of designers, other creative people and users that are actively and spontaneously including wider society into the project. It is founded on cooperation, connection and responsibility, and it stands for quality and accessibility of design products
Until today, nine editions have been launched. They include 58 unique shirts that were designed by Slovenian designers and London based designers. Shirts have been worn by more than 400 users in Slovenia and abroad: in Istanbul, Sofia, Prague, Amsterdam, Paris, Bali, Basel, Salzburg, Stockholm, Berlin, London, New York, Montreal, Nicaragua, Panama, India and many other places. Currently 4 of these shirts - designed by Slovenian designers Almira Sadar, Ana Jelinic, Mateja Krofl and Elena Fajt - are at Upasana, being worn by people associated with the design studio. Upasana has made 5 new shirts to add to this project, under the collaboration name ‘shirting ... by Upasana’. These five unique shirts are made from organic cotton with powerful local identity and will be available to wider community to wear - to shirt - to experience.

The Conscious Fashion Hub and Upasana have collaborated with shirting… in an attempt to create a conscious fashion network of consumers - consumers who understand their responsibility to the society and the future of the planet. ‘ Upasana’ aims to change the way people perceive the fashion industry. The event will be held on the 17th and 18th of March, 2018 at Upasana Design Studio, Auroville. It will start at 4 pm on Saturday with Upasana market featuring conscious clothing and delicious food, followed by the ‘Barefoot on Earth’ fashion show at 7.30 pm. On Sunday, the market will resume at 2 pm, followed by the launch of ‘ Upasana’ at 4 pm. The event concludes at 6 pm on Sunday.

The Conscious Fashion Hub is based on principles of ethical business, slow fashion, fashion revolution, fair-trade and community empowerment. It is a platform to open discussions and answer questions to tackle present day social issues such as farmer suicides in India, plastic pollution, fashion waste production, women empowerment and employment, craft empowerment and many more.

For more details, check out Upasana’s Facebook page - and the website for the shirting… project -