Welcome to Upasana

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Joined by actions.

Upasana  uses fashion as a design for change. We touch the lives of farmers, weavers, dyers and countless families through our work in the area of textiles. Apply fashion to tie threads to larger issues of sustainability.

Join us in this journey ...


Tsunamika Art Sari

Thousands of strokes by hundres of people. This unique art sari is done on organic cotton and truly is a piece of art.
Money generated by this sari also supports the Tsunamika ladies to make more Tsunamikas.

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Tsunamika Art Sari


News and Events

Using design for a change, Upasana is working on upcycling. The leftover fabrics are creatively used to make ‘Art-to-wear’ unique...
We at Upasana Design Studio welcome Creative Stylists, Designers and Brand Communicators as part of our residency programme.
We put up 3 unique, handmade Tsunamika art pieces for sale in our online shop.


Organic clothes lovers can now choose from 6 categories of clothing, and experience some earthy...
After 7 years of working out of Benaras, the Varanasi Weavers Project workstation moves to the...