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Healing Set

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Summer 2024

Crafted with Khadi and Organic Cotton

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Off-White Cutwork collection

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Purity in every thread

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Upasana yoga line

Express yourself. It's hard to be nice if you don't feel comfortable.


SmallSteps Bags

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"Let's talk poetry"

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upasana styling session

Upasana is introducing personal styling session you can ping us on +91 9442982957 or mail us on

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Black and Red Composed

Black and Red Composed Ikat Jacket Top - KEDIYA

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Our Story

From source to store

Born in Auroville's womb in 1997, Upasana is a beacon of Conscious Clothing, championing the evolution of craftsmanship, community, and sustainability. Through the lens of textiles, we embark on a quest to unveil India's soul, guided by a philosophy where beauty transcends the physical. United in our journey, we honor the timeless spirit of Integral Design, crafting not just garments, but legacies woven with love and reverence for our planet and its people.





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Our Curated Accessories

Scarf Sensations, Small Steps, Simpler Shifts.

Discovering India through textiles

Woven seamlessly into what we wear, it has been a dream-in-making to bring alive our guiding philosophy of discovering India through textiles. Every piece is made with love, care and immense respect for the wearer and the maker through ethical practices, sustainable processes, handloom heritages, medicinal textiles and organic materials.

Our Philosophy + Process

Letter from Uma

Upasana as a Conscious Clothing Circle is designed to shift the way self is perceived and fulfill our responsibility towards the multi-dimensional needs of society through the process of Integral design.

Upasana in its expression has never been about slow or luxurious fashion. We are neither interested in course-correction that today's fashion industry has adopted, around many malpractices in the names of greenwashing, ecological preservation, or sustainability, nor do we seek to empower weavers or artisans superficially in the garb of promotional purpose.

At Upasana, we rather believe that our country only needs a platform to showcase its unique talent in preserving our vast legacy and rich variety of textiles through ethical practices, sustainable processes and handloom heritage methods for holistic wellness.

Therefore, it is my honor to have enriched our philosophy to suit the new challenges of today's times and honor Upasana’s vision for the future as a homage to the hermits of past and the future.

Fashion has the power to change the world and I will always give it the chance it deserves, no matter what.

About the founder

Upasana conscious clothes for conscious Body

Upasana focuses on producing sustainable and ethically made apparel for individuals who are mindful of their environmental impact and seek a more conscious lifestyle.

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Our Circle of Inspiration

Ethical Practice. Sustainable Process. Handloom Heritage. Medicinal Textiles. Organic Material.

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Circularity + Sustainability

Our tryst with Responsible Fashion

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Conscious Fashion, Conscious Lifestyle

Upasana House of Auroville, pondicherry. ( welcome 'Red Dot' in White town)


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