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Meet Uma Prajapati

A Pilgrimage for Conscious Clothing: from Bihar to Auroville

Q: How did your journey begin?

Uma: I came to Auroville in 1996 for a two-week design project from Delhi and have made Auroville my Integral practice center as an entrepreneur ever since. We founded Upasana as a conscious clothing circle of Auroville in 1997 and have more than 25 years of expertise in the fashion industry. Auroville is my home and also the circle of Inspiration for Upasana given its tireless work to stand for human unity.

Q: What inspires you the most?

Uma: Design for change is very close to my heart and we have explored the concept of Integral Design to many possibilities at Upasana. Being a Fashion Designer myself, I believe that Fashion can contribute in this planet's journey towards a sustainable future.

I also see a need to make design democratic and believes that design can serve society. With a capacity of 55 million people in artisan & craft sector in our country, I envision showcasing the beauty of India through its textiles at Upasana.

Q: What are some of the other projects you have worked on?

Projects I have designed focuses on using creative power of design for grass route and creating social businesses such as Small Steps & Tsunamika among many others. We also entered conscious retail with Janaki, which serves the purpose of House of Auroville in Puducherry.

Q: Where can we find you now at this stage of Upasana?

With a journey that has been a call for courage and a life filled with a quest of searching integral work- life balance, it has been an adventure of consciousness. I have designed and incubated many social projects as a serial entrepreneur having given each of them a self-sustainable framework with a key focus on women empowerment. Other than designing the new collections, watching Tsunamika go to United Nations and see Small Steps inspiring people to make Simpler Shifts, I am most passionate about guiding young entrepreneurs to learn more about conscious fashion nationally and internationally.

Watch Uma's Ted Talk to know more about her journey as a designer 

The Clothing Lab

Welcome to The Clothing Lab sessions @Upasana- Taking fashion to a journey of creating true beauty. The Clothing Lab wants to initiate dialogue and create a community to provide a direction to come together and move towards conscious living. We believe inspiration is a sacred place and in sharing we grow. Conscious clothing takes us towards conscious living.

Basic ( 2 hrs)

Calling out to the tribe of people who wish to explore conscious and sustainable lifestyles. Come acquaint yourself with concepts of Sustainability and Circularity, Engage in open discussions and reflect on the contributions as conscious consumers.

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Intermediate (5 hrs)

Learn about global fashion challenges, role as a conscious client, personal wardrobe audits and your conscious clothing scores. Engage closely with “Conscious Fashion“ and experience the change. Come have a walk-through of the Upasana campus.


Weekend Experience

Two day workshop at Upasana's community in Auroville. Typically featuring development of sustainable and ethical practices, Upasana case study, personal audits, fashion scenario across the world. Credited with Certificate of Participation.

For more information on pricing, batch sizes and commencement dates, you can also call us on +91 9442982957 and reach out at


1. What is the mode of Learning?

A. Offline

2. Do I require any material for the course?

A. No

3. After Registration when does my course begin?

A. Once the batch is formed with minimum number of enrollment.

4. Do I need to be from a specific background for the course?

A. No

5. Is there any age criteria?

A. No

6. Who is this course for?

A. Everyone who wears clothes

Circularity + Sustainability

Our tryst with complexity of responsible fashion.

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