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Upasana is a monastery of, for & by integral designers of Auroville founded in 1997, where people, possibilities & passion join forces for a newer future of fashion. A conscious clothing circle located in Auroville, Tamil Nadu in southern India, it is alive under the vast expanse of bright skies, hidden deep inside the green forests, proudly emerging from the red earth, as an artist's lab for evolution. It is a campus where creativity, fashion, design, Indian culture, business, social responsibility and spiritual progress get woven seamlessly together. We believe life is interconnected & that beauty is beyond body and thus, the process of creation is as precious to us as giving you a beautiful product.


We honor flaws in weaving as part of honoring life just like a streak of shade in dye is part of natural colors. We silently celebrate the fading of natural dyes as we gracefully watch ourselves change through time. We design for mortality while honoring life, nature and inner growth, timelessly. By buying our products, you are joining a conscious clothing circle where beauty is beyond body.



Circularity + Sustainability

Our tryst with complexity of responsible fashion.

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