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The power of Khadi

Gandhi as a fashion icon? Yes for Khadi he surely is and currently Upasana is very focused on various Khadi units in different parts of India. Khadi for dummies means hand spun and hand woven cloth of natural fibre like cotton ,silk or wool and by definition it is a slow fashion since neither the spinning nor the weaving is mechanised. 
For most of the Indians the word Khadi is associated with freedom struggle of the last century with Gandhiji giving a call for boycotting imported cloth. India may have become free of its colonial masters and the world may have become a global village BUT our addiction to the fast pace in all walks of life including fashion has it’s consequences. This globe as a village has no capacity to absorb your discarded material anymore. Have you ever asked yourself what happens to your discarded clothes and accessories? 

A land in which Lord Rama helped master weaver Kabir weave his couplets and cloth, hand spun and hand woven Khadi is a natural choice for many as one would think. Not so. Look at your wardrobe and see if you have Khadi in it. When you make space for Khadi in your wardrobe you are automatically becoming a discerning consumer of the twenty first century, you are creating time and nurturing coming generations.



In the words of Mahatma Gandhi : ‘The spinning wheel represents to me the hope of the masses. The masses lost their freedom, such as it was, with the loss of the Charkha. The Charkha supplemented the agriculture of the villagers and gave it dignity.

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