Earthing Sheets
Earthing Sheets
Earthing Sheets
Earthing Sheets
Earthing Sheets
Earthing Sheets
Earthing Sheets
Earthing Sheets
Earthing Sheets

Earthing Sheets

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Earthing Sheets by UPASANA, Auroville 

With the advent of modern times, much of our connection with the earth element has been lost with the result that our bodies lack regular "earthing". Whether it is through living in elevated spaces - as in high-rise apartment blocks - or the fact of wearing shoes with synthetic soles while walking on yet again synthetic surfaces (asphalt roads, sidewalks, standard floor housing), the opportunities of walking barefoot directly on the earth rarely happens anymore. Due to this deficit of earthing effect, which our ancestors regularly benefited from, we have become significantly ungrounded.

Our special Earthing Textiles help us rebuild and reclaim our missing connection with the earth. 

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Physical impact
Using Earthing products may help with such things as improving sleep quality, healing sprains and providing relief from a variety of ailments such as stiffness, restless leg syndrome, cold feet and joint pain. This is thanks to the boosted electron-concentrating and anti-inflammatory properties of Earthen products which, by increasing circulation in and around areas of injury and reducing inflammation, helps promotes natural healing and repair at the physical level. 

Spiritual impact
Using Earthing products may help with grounding ourselves, activate healing and connect us to our source of wisdom and Deeper Selves within. You will find Earthing Wearables suitable for many activities, even sleeping, resting, and meditating!
Upasana will not be liable for any damages incase of tampering and improper use of the product.
Please ensure the earthing of the space/house/spa that the product is connected to is not a live wire before using the product.
The product will work to its optimum potential only if the electrical wiring of the space/house/spa that the product is connected to has a proper grounding/earthing done.
108cm x 216cm

Size Chart in Inches - Women

Chest 33-35 35-39  39-43  43-49 49-56
Shoulder 14.5  15.5  16 16 16.5
Waist 27 30  33  36  40
Hip 38 40  44   50  58
Skirt length small 25 26 26 26 27
Skirt length medium  30 31 31 31 31
Skirt length long 38 38 39.5 40 40
Trouser length 36 38 40 41 41
Chest 34-39 40-46 50-58
Shoulder 28-32 32-38 38-48


Size Chart in Inches - Men

Shoulder 17 18 19 20 21
Chest 34-37 37-39 39-43 43-48 48-54
Waist 30 32 34 36 38