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Beauty is beyond body

"We feel responsible for all, be it community ,country, world or even planet.”

At the core of Upasana lies it’s fundamental ethos of using fashion as a tool, to solve social and environmental issues. The fashion industry being the second largest polluting industry on the planet, is complicit in child labour, farmer suicides, environmental disaster, while projecting beauty and glamour on the exterior.

Being part of this industry, Upasana has always questioned what fashion can do for society, since its inception. Being a 3000 billion dollar industry today, Uma says, “The challenge lies in enabling this industry to stand for its people, community and planet. It has been a quest for Upasana and that is the direction we have been aligning ourselves to.”

It is this sense of responsibility towards society that drives Upasana to conduct seminars and workshops on social issues. The need and reason arises from the want to give back to society. People from all over India come and attend these workshops, which represent her connection and devotion to her country. Uma acknowledges that, “Being in that space generates another level of power which we yet have to discover”.


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