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Job Title: Office Assistant:-
Location: Upasana, Auroville
Upasana in Auroville is seeking a dedicated and proactive Office Assistant to join our team. The ideal candidate will possess basic computer knowledge, fluency in English and Tamil, and excellent teamwork skills. 


Job Title: communication strategy and Graphic designer:-
Building Clean ocean campaign.
Creating Narrative through visual.
Location: Online
Upasana in Auroville is seeking a creative person with out of box thinking to build ocean campaign of Tsunamika.


Job Title:- E-Commerce Manager:-                                                           

Upasana Auroville is seeking an E-commerce Manager to spearhead our online   retail strategy. If you're a visionary with a knack for digital sales, SEO, and driving   online growth, we want you! Be part of a team dedicated to sustainable fashion   and innovation. Elevate our brand and your career with us.


 Fashion Stylist:-                                                                                                     

 If you  think conscious clothing needs to be cool, Upasana is the right place for   you. If colors and styling makes your heart sing, this opportunity welcomes you!   If you have a flair for clothes and see magic in putting clothing together, mix-   matching and making something unique, talk to us. Upasana is looking for a   stylist  with an understanding of fashion trends, color schemes and different body   types to advise customers on what clothes to buy, how to wear them and help   them build a fashionable wardrobe. You will advise our online and in-store clients   on fashion, run workshops for our customers and also help our team design new   wardrobe lines based on what customers are looking for.



Volunteer with Us:-

If you are coming to discover or spend time in Auroville, are a fashion enthusiast or are looking for a place to express yourself, we would love to have you. Come and have a cup of coffee with us and let's talk... Maybe, together we can disrupt the fashion space!

If any of these opportunities do interest you. Drop a mail to


The Clothing Lab

Welcome to The Clothing Lab sessions @Upasana- Taking fashion to a journey of creating true beauty. The Clothing Lab wants to initiate dialogue and create a community to provide a direction to come together and move towards conscious living. We believe inspiration is a sacred place and in sharing we grow. Conscious clothing takes us towards conscious living.

Basic ( 2 hrs)

Calling out to the tribe of people who wish to explore conscious and sustainable lifestyles. Come acquaint yourself with concepts of Sustainability and Circularity, Engage in open discussions and reflect on the contributions as conscious consumers.

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Intermediate (5 hrs)

Learn about global fashion challenges, role as a conscious client, personal wardrobe audits and your conscious clothing scores. Engage closely with “Conscious Fashion“ and experience the change. Come have a walk-through of the Upasana campus.


Weekend Experience

Two day workshop at Upasana's community in Auroville. Typically featuring development of sustainable and ethical practices, Upasana case study, personal audits, fashion scenario across the world. Credited with Certificate of Participation.

For more information on pricing, batch sizes and commencement dates, you can also call us on +91 9442982957 and reach out at


1. What is the mode of Learning?

A. Offline

2. Do I require any material for the course?

A. No

3. After Registration when does my course begin?

A. Once the batch is formed with minimum number of enrollment.

4. Do I need to be from a specific background for the course?

A. No

5. Is there any age criteria?

A. No

6. Who is this course for?

A. Everyone who wears clothes

Circularity + Sustainability

Our tryst with complexity of responsible fashion.

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