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Bringing India to Auroville and to the World

A laboratory of evolution

Being part of Auroville has had a significant influence on Upasana’s core values. The main focus has always been human unity. It is a place where humanity has been brought together to live in a small space, to realise a dream. A dream that proposes a new way to live and to be. It was conceived as a city for 50000 people.

While the majoritarian belief is that struggle and competition are prerequisites for a successful life, Uma firmly disagrees with this ideology. To be able to live one does not need to be competitive. While the outside world believes that life is about Darwin’s theory of ‘the survival of the fittest’, she is not quite aligned to this theory. As Uma says, “If I am true to my own beliefs and thought process, the world changes around me. I don’t change the world” . “The power of being authentic has it’s own consequences.”

Upasana has consciously stuck to its beliefs and has genuinely been holding that space with integrity. This indeed creates a ripple around, that makes people look at Upasana as a conscious fashion hub in India today. It’s not because of publicity, says Uma, “It’s the power of being who you are and being in that space generates another level of power that one needs to yet discover.”

After coming to Auroville our sense of family grew multifold, from biological family to a large community. Living amongst people from more than 50 nationalities, she says, “The whole world seems like a family today.” That has extended her perspective of how we relate to society at large. Our sense of responsibility has moved from family to community, to country, and the entire planet today.


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