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Yoga of Business

It was a warm sunny morning at Rohini, with a classical Indian raga playing in the background, to the rhythm of a conversation which had to do with our relationship with money. “We can talk about design, fashion and business, but that’s not important.” said Uma.

“What is important is what are we seeking? And we’re seeking this relationship with money, which has become a complex element and we don’t know how to solve it.” Drawing a parallel between money and the magnanimity of the mountains, she said, “In every decision I take I am conscious of that huge mountain behind me. Even while collaborating, things do get difficult.”

She went on to address a fundamental split in our attitude towards meditation and our way with money. She said, “When I am sitting and meditating, it is very easy for someone to sit next to me and meditate. But things change if I am playing with money and power. Why is that so? Is there no better way to go about the systemic usage of money as a tool?"

Guess some questions are in themselves, an answer aren’t they?


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